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Beaumaris is an Independent Public School which adopts a new teaching approach for a new century, to meet the needs of the i-generation.

Beaumaris strives to be a leader in 21st Century Learning and to fully equip students (aged 4 to 13 years) to excel in our ever changing world.

Our vibrant school spirit, state-of-the-art programs, videoconferencing networks and smart technology engage students in the classroom and beyond, which makes learning exciting.

Beaumaris, an exciting school by the sea...


Message from the School Board Chair

Welcome to the final Board Chair report for 2013.

Over the last school year we have seen some significant changes around the school:

- A new Principal commenced and has set in motion the strategic direction for the school for the next few years.

- The school Business Plan for the next three years was reviewed by the Board and accepted unanimously and is now in the process of being implemented

- The purchase of additional reading resources and upgrades to the school grounds.

- The school's one line budget on the whole was met throughout the year.

- Discussions with the Department of Education over the requirement for upgraded Administration offices were unsuccessful this year. With budgetary constraints (capital projects) being wound back across the state, it is unlikely that the Admin building will receive any upgrade over the next few years.

This year has seen the retirements of Board MembersGary Hobson, Donna Cole andPaul Pree. All have served a minimum of 5 years on the School Board and I would like to sincerely thank them for their efforts over their time on the Board. We have also welcomed the addition of three new Board members: Elin Gray, Nathalie Brooks & Andy Battle. Nathalie has accepted the role of Board Chair for 2014, with Andy accepting the role of Deputy Chair. I would like to thank Elin, Nathalie & Andy for volunteering their time and effort in fulfilling these roles. I am sure they (as well as the Beaumaris staff Board members) will work hard into the future to maintain and enhance the reputation and skillsets ofBeaumarisPrimary Schooland its staff.

As a final note, I would like to farewell a staff member of Beaumaris who, after 44 years in the Education Department - with 17 of those years at Beaumaris has decided to retire. Stephen Offer has been a part of the fabric of the school for longer than my three children have come and gone from Beaumaris (and high school). Steve has not only been involved with the day to day operations of the school, but has managed every school busy bee. I'm sure that Steve could walk around every section of Beaumaris and identify the work that has been undertaken by volunteers under his watchful eye. The Beaumaris community will feel his loss greatly, and wish him nothing but happiness and best wishes for his retirement.

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a safe and happy Christmas period and look forward to your return to Beaumaris in 2014.




Cooperative Learning Structures for Active Engagement

Cooperative Learning has been identified as a key platform for improving teaching and learning at Beaumaris Primary. Over the next two years all teachers will undertake 5 days professional development in approaches that maximise student engagement for all students. Research from around world supports this approach and we are excited by the opportunities it will present for our students. Further information is available via Kagan Australia



Valuing and Recognising Your Child's Achievements

Our goal at Beaumaris is to provide all students with opportunities and experiences to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens.

Central to this is motivating all children to reach their full potential.

Looking back…

Over several years the long-standing awards program at Beaumaris has been a strategy that has benefited a number of children in becoming motivated learners. Many children who have achieved excellence in their learning have been acknowledged and rewarded with badges, certificates, special days and camps.

Parts of the awards program have benefited a number of students, and in some cases, groups of students. Also, elements of our Endeavour Program such as a camp for those students fortunate to be chosen have distinguished us from other schools.

Looking ahead…

We are now at a point to review our strategy, and to ensure our programs to support ALL of our students reflect current research, planning and department of education requirements from 2014 onwards.

In the process of the review it is imperative that we reflect the central goal of maximising benefit for all students, as well as acknowledge excellence as appropriate for our exceptionally able students as well. We will be looking at how we can provide meaningful incentives that can be attained more readily as well as growing the child's sense of self and less reliant on external motivations.

2014: A significant year… and a few changes ahead

The transition of Year 7's to High School in 2014 has accelerated the need to look at some of our existing awards practices. The increased pressure on school resources to ensure that all 144 of our Year 6 and Year 7 students have the opportunity to attend the either the Logue Brook camp or Sydney Canberra tour will require a revision of other aspects of the awards program.

In previous years we have also offered an achievers camp attended by 3 students selected from each class Years 4-7 based on academic criteria. In consideration of our need to promote equity as well as the Education Department policy, we will discontinue the camp and allocate the resources to programs that benefit all students.

We appreciate that some students and parents will be disappointed. The structure of the new program is under development and students, community and staff will have an opportunity to provide feedback to help shape the future. In the interim we have developed Letters of Commendation that will be implemented this term for students in Years 1 through to Year 7.

Opportunity to provide input …

To support our review we are currently calling upon the community, teachers and students to provide us with their insights as to how we can improve. Your opinions are valued and it is only through our combined efforts that we can ensure that we create an environment that gives all children opportunities to be acknowledged.

Please contact the school is you want more information - and please complete our survey J

Parenting Ideas

Raising children is a rewarding and at times challenging job. Parenting Ideas is recognised throughout Australian as a great support in raising confident, happy and resilient children. We thoroughly recommend this publication as a support for parents.

Early Years Learning Framework

The Early Years Learning Framework

Talking with my school

As a parent or carer you play a vital role in your child's learning. The above link can help you to ensure that you have a clear understanding of how we can assist you with your enquiries or concerns.

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