Liza van der Westhuizen

Parent Representative

My name is Liza.  In a professional capacity I am an admitted lawyer and presently work in an in‐house legal role for a government trading entity. I am nominating for the Board as I believe that it would be valuable to the Board to have a member with a legal background particularly in the Board’s functions of general policy directions, formulating codes of conduct, approving agreements or arrangements for advertising and sponsorship, providing advice to the principal of the school on general policy and implementation of religious education.

From a governance perspective, I have been involved in school leadership as a Year 12 Student Council Representative as well as a CSA (Christian Schools Association) leader also in Year 12. 

In a personal capacity, I am also a parent. Our son Judah is presently in Kindergarten. I also have a nephew presently in Preschool, nieces who will commence Kindergarten in 2019 and a younger son who we intend will also be a part of the school in future years.

I feel that the Board would be a place where I could add value and contribute to the educational environment of not only my own children but also my nephew and nieces. As parents we have a responsibility to be involved in our children’s education to the extent that we have the capacity to do so.