Our Principal

A message from the Principal

Planning for the Future

Beaumaris provides endless opportunity for its students to experience variety and success. Through the diversity of our programs, the enthusiasm of our staff and the support of our wider school community, government and private sectors we strive to fulfil the goals outlined within our strategic and business plans in order to deliver quality learning outcomes. Our endeavour is to make a difference in a dynamic global environment, encouraging excellence and well-being.

In looking to the future and developing a vision that will carry the school towards the end of this decade and beyond, our school community has laid foundations for skills, understandings and practices that support appropriate teaching - learning relationships where the concept of schooling is a global experience being rapidly shaped by technology and new paradigms for learning.

The journey ahead focuses upon 21 st Century Learning:

exploring and developing appropriate teaching - learning relationships
exploring and developing the concept of schooling as a global experience
exploring the integration of this i-Generation's 21 st Century culture into the culture learning
exploring and developing global professional and student networks and collaboration
Beaumaris is well placed to take up this challenge. Its current realignment, a developed whole school culture and pedagogical directions are exploring ways of enhancing transitional development through the Curriculum Framework with emphasis on preparing students for a less predictable future and the ability to thrive in an unknown world. The vision and goals we set will be both challenging and daunting, but achievable. Much has already been achieved. There is now a new level of professionalism and energy that has enabled optimism about a new future, as an Independent Public School. Staff and community alike see Beaumaris as something special, a lighthouse that is doing great things for its students and its community. There is a great deal of pride in the school and desire to do better… 'equipped to thrive in the 21 st Century'.

The school has an outstanding reputation, locally, nationally and abroad. It is described by families as: 'being at the cutting edge; progressive; professional; caring; exciting; challenging; valuing achievement and effort; inviting and welcoming; a fun place; and educationally successful.' As an independent school we invite industry partners to join our vibrant community and share our desire and capacity to:

develop a compatible, confident, competent and committed 'Whole School Learning, Thinking & Caring Community'
make the shift, 'learning to change…changing to learn…changing learning' and to help our Hub Schools and others to evolve similar cultures
reinvigorate and reengage teachers, students and our regional 'Hub School' communities as we evolve 21st Century learning, together
work collaboratively to improving student outcomes, within our school and regional schools