Physical Education

The implementation of a strong Physical Education, timetabled Sport program and opportunities provided through extra curricula activities make a notable difference to the outcomes being achieved at Beaumaris Primary School. The Physical Education program is designed to expose the students to a wide variety of skills and sporting codes that they may not have the opportunity outside the schooling environment. Through in school clinics, provided by local sporting clubs/organisations like that of the West Perth Falcons and Modcrosse Australia, we aim to connect the students to their local clubs to further develop and enhance a passion for their desired sport.

The program continues to also develop

  • the knowledge and skills to make informed judgements, plan strategies and implement and evaluate actions that promote the health and well-being of individuals, families and the community.
  • an understanding of the need for a balance between physical, social and emotional components of health in the effective functioning of individuals.

The game sense approach continues to be the main vehicle in delivering the physical education curriculum at Beaumaris, shifting from the traditional skill and drill approach, to a game sense approach that teaches the students to ‘play with purpose’. This involves the modification of rules and playing space combined with the use of questioning to teach about the game, through the game. It allows the student to connect ideas about games of a similar nature i.e. target games, net/court/wall games, invasion games and striking/fielding games.

Teaching the whole child approach, allows for interlacing of movement in the classroom. This enhances cognitive function, improving memory, concentration, behaviour and academic achievement, Beaumaris continues to implement positive and physical mind breaks, increasing blood flow to the cortex, through the inclusion of Jump Jam in the classroom. Jump Jam also continues to unite the school with a common product that is performed as a community song at assembly. This package was extended into leadership in 2017 and with such success continued into 2018. Brett Fairweather, the face of Jump Jam, returned to the newly refurbished undercover area at Beaumaris for a before school, whole school performance. He concluded this with an intensive workshop with our competing students who gained great insight into the nuances of competition before they headed out to perform at the local Jump Jam Interschool competition.

Beaumaris Primary School continues its strong presence within the local interschool district and State competitions. It has earnt a reputation of being a leading school in running through continued successes in Cross Country, being demonstrated once again with Beaumaris claiming 1st Public School in the State and 4th overall of 42 schools. Other Interschool sporting highlights were gaining 2nd in the boys A division and girls basketball, 2nd in the tee-ball and 2nd in the cricket at summer carnival. 2nd in B division boys soccer and 1st in A division and 1st and 2nd in B division modcrosse.

Which goes to show how effective an intensive in school, games sense approach program and connecting to the local modcrosse community can be.

Faction Carnival is always an eye raiser with our school Administrators leading the challenge as to the outrageous outfits they are going to reveal on the day. The day is always one of mass colour and energized atmosphere as the students come together to put their best foot forward and unite as a team. The leadership of the teams by Faction Captains for team chanting, was outstanding and demonstrated a passion for healthy competition.

It was our 3rd year of introducing a sportsmanship medal to enhance the importance of encouragement of others and working together as a team.

This has been embraced well by the school body and the greater community. Congratulations to Leeuwin who took out the title for 2018.

Swimming lessons are an integral part of the Physical Education curriculum and whilst it is highly recommended that the students at Beaumaris partake in this opportunity to be a part of a program that delivers not only fundamental movement skills of swimming and water safety awareness, it also develops students’ organisational skills. 2016 orchestrated a move to beach swimming lessons, for the year 5 & 6 students, at Mullaloo beach and has continued to be a hit with the students cementing its place in the school calendar for future years. This was a move that was supported by the parent body and wider community and was again backed with a record number of senior students attending lessons.