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School Chaplain


Shirley Pyrc

Chaplains’ role

Chaplains come in various shapes, sizes, ages and personalities, with diverse skill sets, professional backgrounds and cultures. YouthCARE Management Teams work diligently with each school to ensure appointment of the best possible fit, according to the schools’ requirements.

The commonality among chaplains is respect for the rights of individuals and their belief systems. The pastoral care role is not about religion, rather support to students, teachers, parents and the broader community. The Chaplain works within the Student Services Team alongside the Principal, Deputies, School Psychologist and Teaching Staff to celebrate successes, develop resilience and work through many & varied challenges to support learning.

Our Chaplain
Shirley Pyrc was appointed to Beaumaris Primary School, commencing Term 3 2015. She brings Counselling Qualifications and 8 yrs experience as a School Chaplain to the role – 5 years full time in one school community and 2.5yrs as a full time Support Chaplain – assisting 10 schools per week via a State Govt initiative, afforded to schools that had previously missed out on Federal Govt Chaplaincy Funding.

Shirley has greatly appreciated the privilege of working in seventeen schools – experiencing the diversity of 13 Primary Schools, 3 Education Support Schools (K – 12) and 1 Intensive English Centre. She immediately felt welcomed at Beaumaris PS and really enjoys our school community.


Married with 3 adult children, she understands the complexities of life, dynamics of relationships and the challenges involved in raising a family. Shirley is nurturing, compassionate and solution focused. She evidences a warm manner with children. Her aim is to listen, inspire, encourage, challenge where necessary and empower them to be all they can be. She is also passionate to see parents understand their children and resource them to get the best out of parenting. Shirley will be a regular contributor to our newsletter in future.


Referral Process

Sometimes having a neutral person to talk to is extremely beneficial. The Student Services Team has been established to ensure the best possible care is provided for our School Community. Shirley is part of the SST and referrals are made from parents and staff as needs arise.

Appointments can be requested by phoning the school, emailing, or phoning Shirley at school on Wednesdsays, Thursdays or Fridays. Students can request to see Mrs Pyrc by completing a request form and placing it in the box labelled Chaplain Chat in the reception area.

Group Programs
From time to time the school may deem it beneficial to run a small group or whole class group designed to enhance resilience, strengthen friendship building, offer support to children of separation or assist pre-adolescents understand themselves. Shirley has a wealth of experience at facilitating and co-facilitating such groups.

Encouraging positive character development is another of her passions – she runs our Virtues Program, which has proven very popular across the school.

Days at the school – Monday -  Friday

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