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Student Badges

At Beaumaris Primary School, we recognise students who demonstrate a healthy wellbeing, strive for their personal best and have an excellent sense of community. Below are the attributes our staff look for to award student badges.  


  • A sense of being comfortable, healthy and happy in one’s self.

  • Realising and developing his/her own potential.

  • Making positive contributions to both the school and broader community.


  • Consistently working to the best of their ability.

  • Seeks to achieve their personal best through goal setting and achievement of goals. 

  • Reflects on themselves to achieve their personal best.

  • Demonstrates a strong work ethic.

  • Demonstrates a resilient attitude towards learning.


  • A “We Belong” attitude.

  • Is inclusive of others and looks out for their peers.

  • Volunteers and shows initiative.

  • Represents the school with pride – with visitors to school and when on excursions / incursions.

  • Consistently demonstrates all four behaviour expectations.

  • Is involved in school programs out of the classroom (eg choir, leadership, captains, other events).

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