Local Intake Area

Ocean Reef – the area bounded by Hodges Drive, Marmion Avenue, Shenton Avenue and the Indian Ocean
Iluka – the area bounded by Shenton Avenue, Marmion Avenue, Burns Beach Road and the Indian Ocean
Burns Beach – optional area with Kinross Primary School. Primary aged children (6-12) in these areas are entitled to enrol.
The school may accept children outside these areas depending on the availability of accommodation and staffing. Local Intake Areas do not apply to early childhood enrolments which are open to all, subject to accommodation availability.


Download map of local intake area…

         Local Intake Map

Enrolment Form

Application for Enrolment (Kindergarten - Yr 6) 




Enrolment forms are also available at the office. Once completed, the enrolment form can be emailed for initial placement and finalised at the school upon arrival.

Family Background

Parents, carers and guardians of all year K-6 students in Australia have been asked to provide information on their family background as part of a national initiative towards providing an education system that is fair to all students regardless of their background. The required information includes the Indigenous status and language background of the student, and the education, occupation, and language background of the parents.

Parents, carers and guardians are also required to provide relevant documentation and information regarding, where applicable:

  • Passports and visas

  • Immunisation records

  • Birth certificates

  • Past school reports

  • Legal evidence concerning custody or other related court orders

  • Special medical conditions or needs

  • Special learning needs

  • Age cut off dates

As legislated, all Western Australian Schools are required to enrol students according to their birth dates at 30 June for each academic year. This initiative commenced many years ago. Please contact the office regarding enrolment enquiries.