Vision, Values and Beliefs

Vision, Values and Beliefs

At Beaumaris Primary School, we aim to create a nurturing environment where every child can thrive, guided by our core values. Our commitment to these values and beliefs is reflected in our key focus areas for 2022-2024:


We have high expectations and standards, both in the way we care for students and in their academic success.

High Quality Teaching

Our teaching practices are evidence-based. Our professional and positive workplace culture will support staff to learn and grow, so they can provide exceptional service to our students.  Our teachers will prepare your child to be successful, providing them with the skills they need for the future including creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and excellent communication.

An Inclusive, Positive Learning Environment

We strive to create an environment that is intellectually, socially and physically supportive of learning.  This means welcoming and supporting diversity which includes recognising learner difference. Relationships are privileged at Beaumaris PS where every student is valued and well known. Communication between staff, students and parents is open, transparent and built on trust and mutual respect.

Strong Connection to Community

We encourage a strong sense of connection to Beaumaris PS through collaboration with education partners including universities, hospitals and industry, to ensure the success of all learners. Our buildings and work-spaces reflect the historical and cultural context of Beaumaris PS and its place in the developing community.